4 reasons why you should add steak on the stone to your Restaurant’s Menu

Are you looking for something that will set your Restaurant apart from your competitors? Do you want to give your customers a more memorable dining experience that will make them return time and again? Has your eating establishment experienced a recent decline in business, and you need something to bring people back? Here’s why adding steak on the stone to your menu may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

1. Create a memorable spectacle with show cooking

Bring show cooking to your restaurant by serving steak on the stone. Your customers will be able to smell how delicious their meal will be as they watch it cook in front of their eyes, giving them a unique and memorable dining experience that will make them want to come back time and time again.

2. Allow customers to cook their own steak on the stone

Make dining interactive and get your customers involved by allowing them to cook their own steak. After adding sides and sauces to their dish, present them with the steak on the stone so they can cook it just the way they like it. Everyone has their own opinion about how steak should be served, and this allows your customers to take control and make the meal they want, leaving your restaurant happy and satisfied.

3. Cook just about anything on SteakStones’ lava stones

There’s practically no limit to what you can cook on SteakStones’ lava stones. The stone will sear whatever meat, fish or vegetables you add to it, retaining all of its flavour. Get creative by revamping your entire menu around cooking with lava stones, and take a look at these menus ideas for some inspiration.

4. Your customers’ food will remain piping hot for the duration of their meal

Ever had a customer complain that their food is too cold? SteakStones’ lava stones keep food hot throughout the meal, ensuring that even 20 minutes in, the steak on the stone is still sizzling.

If you want to cook steak on the stone in your restaurant, take a look at our Restaurant page which details some package examples for your venue.