Christmas Delivery Schedule
All our orders to European destinations are sent out with FedEx with a timescale of 1-5 days depending on exact location as indicated below. To be sure of delivery, we...
What makes SteakStones the Best?
SteakStones Hot Stone Cooking Products
At SteakStones we use only the very best quality Lava for all our products and this allows you to heat directly on any heat source you choose for the easiest...
To rest or not to rest…
The SteakStones Steak & Sides Set with Fillet Up
Perhaps more than any other meat, Steak generates reams of information on how best to cook your perfect steak; should you Sous-vide, grill, pan fry or cook it on the...
4 reasons why you should add steak on the stone to your Restaurant’s Menu
Are you looking for something that will set your Restaurant apart from your competitors? Do you want to give your customers a more memorable dining experience that will make them...
No More “How Would You Like It Cooked?” With Our Stylish Steak Stone Sets
Rack of Lamb Indian Sides
The hunt for something different for that perfect dinner party continues, with new generations of home cooks having discovered party grills, fondues, Raclettes, personal pizza ovens and many other options...
SteakStones Official Supplier to The World Steak Challenge
SteakStones - Official Supplier to The World Steak Challenge
All of the Steaks entered into the 2015 Word Steak Challenge, held in Hyde Park, London on the 14th October, were cooked on SteakStones unique Lava Stones, ensuring all of...
The New SteakStones Kamado Smoker & Grill
The SteakStones Kamado Smoker & Grill
We are delighted to add a fantastic Kamado Smoker & Grill to our leading collection of Hot Stone Cooking products. Incorporating our Lava Pizza Stone, one of the many benefits...
The SteakStones Dining Experience
View our interactive 360 scroll-through for an overview of the functionality and features of SteakStones great hot stone cooking products.
The New SteakStones Pizza Stone
The SteakStones Pizza Stone. Enjoy Your Pizza. Always Crisp. Always Hot.
Fed up with our favourite Pizzas getting cold we trekked to the foothills of Mount Vesuvius in Napoli, the undisputed "Home of Pizza", our mission, to enjoy our Pizza Always...
Sushi Samba choose SteakStones for their Kobe Serve
SushiSamba Sizzling SteakStones Kobe Beef
Sushi Samba chose Custom SteakStones Sets as the perfect way to serve their new Kobe dish at the brand's London venue at the top of Heron Tower. With SteakStones Sizzling...
Cool Material
Cool Material - Hot Stuff in Cool Material
SteakStones have been receiving some great coverage on trand blogs around the World. Whilst are Lava is undoubtedly very hot material, it's great to be mentioned in Cool Material!!
New Packaging
SteakStones Premium Product Packaging
All SteakStones products are delivered in our design-led branded boxes, displaying some of the mouthwatering meals you can enjoy on each set.
SushiSamba & SteakStones
SushiSamba SteakStones
SushiSamba serving their flagship Ishiyaki Wagyu Steak on SteakStones. No longer an Alliterative dream, but reality! We'll be bringing some action shots soon, but if your looking for a sizzle...
SteakStones Sizzling in the Congo
SteakStones at Kempinski Hotel, Congo
Kempinski Hotel Fleuve Congo in Kinshasa is the third Kempinski Hotel to introduce the hugely successful SteakStones concept to its menu. Introduced by Executive Chef Philippe Bossert, the Kinshasa introduction follows...
SteakStones Kickstarter Campaign
SteakStones Kickstarter Video
We're running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch 3 great new products as shown below in time for Christmas. By pledging through Kickstarter you will receive savings of over £100...
Viva Lifestyle Reviews SteakStones at Rosso Restaurants
Getting Into A Lava At Rosso
"Wow what a great way to make sure your steak is cooked just the way you like it by letting you do it yourself!"    
SteakStones Feature in Hospitality & Catering News
H&C News meets with suppliers regularly to keep up to date with the latest product and service innovations, aiming to get the inside track on what companies offer to the market and...
SteakStones Winter Menu Ideas
A Duo of Venison Fillets, Winter Vegetables & Redcurrant Compote on the SteakStones Steak Plate Set
A selection of delicious and (mostly) seasonal menu ideas from SteakStones, The Home of Hot Stone Cooking.
Sizzling Pics of Miss Wales
Sizzling Pics of Miss Wales
Nothing too saucy here (well maybe a little mustard!), just the beautiful Miss Wales revealing the cooking techniques she uses to stay in shape with The SteakStones Sharing Platter. With...
The Grumpy Mole – a Sizzling Success Story
Grumpy Mole SteakStones Review
Way back in 2006 one of our very first commercial venues in the UK was The Grumpy Mole Pub & Restaurant, a new venture for owner Simon Nicholson and one...
The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd acquires Blackstone Grill
Fillet Steak on the SteakStones Ceramic Double Platter
The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd today announced the acquisition of Blackstone Grill. The purchase further strengthens the position of The Steak on the Stone Company, under it's SteakStones...
Mashable SteakStones Review
Mashable Review SteakStones
"SteakStones are an awesome way to spruce up dinner parties for foodie", so says Mashable. We couldn't agree more!
When Only SteakStones Will Do…
Centre Cut Steak on the Stone with SteakStones
The Tomahawk steak served in The Ritz Carlton's Center Cut restaurant is renowned as the largest steak served in the culinary metropolis of Dubai, all 1.2kg of it! Whilst you...
A selection of SteakStones Venues
SteakStones are a trusted supplier to many of the Major Hotel Brands and Restaurant Groups all over the World. It's usual that once a group sees the success that SteakStones...
Perfect for Dinner Parties
One of the easiest, yet most impressive, ways to host a dinner party for friends.
The SteakStones Sizzle Club
Steak on the Stone
SteakStones are delighted to welcome bookings for The Sizzle Club in their historic Private Dining Room in the Surrey Market Town of Reigate. You can download The Sizzle Club Flyer here or please...
SteakStones Success at The Barley Moe
Cosy country pub 'The Barley Moe' has received editorial recognition by the Chichester Herald Newspaper after one of their reporters enjoyed a sizzling Steak on the Stone, now the Pub's...
SteakStones at The Restaurant Show
SteakStones Stand Restaurant Show 2013
The new and updated SteakStones range was demod at the 2013 Restaurant Show in London with hundreds of industry professionals sampling the delights of Aubrey Allen Steak cooked on the...
A Sizzling Review on The Gentleman’s Journal
The Gentleman's Journal provides the latest in style and grooming, food and drink, business, lifestyle, culture, sports, restaurants, nightlife, travel, power and last but not least, intriguing private interviews with...
Dude!!! I Want That… Wants SteakStones!
SteakStones featured in Dude!!! I Want That
  This down-to-earth, hilarious 'geek's gift guide of gadgets, gear, novelties and zombies' raves about SteakStones in a way that only they know how to!  'Awesomely rad and radly awesome...
‘Innovative SteakStones’ in Hi Consumption
SteakStones featured in Hi Consumption
  Titled as 'the most creative way yet'  to cook a steak in Hi Consumption, a magazine devoted to discovering and covering the latest trends. Here at SteakStones we couldn't...
Cool Enough for The Gadget Flow
he SteakStones Sharing Platter showcased in The Gadget Flow
Showcasing the 'coolest gadgets of the web', The Gadget Flow featured none other than the SteakStones Sharing Platter, stating hot stone cooking as the new way to cook!
SteakStones Feature on Uncrate
SteakStones on Uncrate
Uncrate is simply one of the coolest digital magazines there is, so it was humbling for our Sharing Platter to make it onto the site as one of the 5...
SteakStones Testimonial by Restauranteur Greg Browne
Greg Browne Reviews SteakStones
Dublin Restauranteur Greg Browne reveals the success which SteakStones have bought his business even in tough economic times and how since launching the products in his first venue Brasserie 15,...