No More “How Would You Like It Cooked?” With Our Stylish Steak Stone Sets

The hunt for something different for that perfect dinner party continues, with new generations of home cooks having discovered party grills, fondues, Raclettes, personal pizza ovens and many other options as ways to make cooking more social. However, when it comes to offering your friends a touch of elegant dining, a steak stone is a cut above the rest. The technique goes back centuries and adds a new dimension to your food (

Take the stress out of preparation with steak stone sets

For a start, these stones form part of each person’s dish, so there’s no fighting over fondue forks or a spot on the grill in the middle of the table. Then, there’s the overall aesthetic of peace and calm. With a steak stone, no one is going to be in a rush to cook their food. When presented with a stylish steak plate and a range of meats to cook, guests will be both charmed and intrigued by the experience. The ability to have their steak, fish or other food cooked to their perfect manner is both a challenge and a talking point.

Rib Eye Chinese Style

Preparation is also reduced to a minimum. All you need to do is heat the stones in the oven or under a grill. Check they are hot enough by seeing if a drop of water will sizzle on contact. Then, prepare a range of bright and attractive vegetables or side dishes, and you are ready to welcome your guests. Our steak stones come in a range of styles, from bamboo steak sets to ceramic, with trays for vegetables, pots for dips and a set of safety gloves to move the hot stones. See some fantastic menu ideas here:

Guests will love their steak stone set cooking

Then it’s down to your guests to discuss how they like to have their meat cooked, putting the onus on them to replicate their perfect steak or salmon, to show if they can get it as good as the professional chefs manage in restaurants or on those TV shows where perfection is everything. Your steak stones can also come in useful when a carefully planned BBQ is ruined by the weather. Adding flexibility and fun to the kitchen, a steak stone set can really make a difference to your social meals.